Q. Why should I sell my gold now?

A. Gold is at an all time high, and there has never been a better time to sell! The price of gold goes up and down, so why wait? Sell your gold at its peak!

Q. Do you quote over the phone?

A. Unfortunately not, because of the different variables that affect the price, we will have to see the item first. We have convenient locations in 5 different states.

Q. I paid $800 for my ring. I should expect to get paid $800, right?

A. Retail stores mark up jewelry based on the style and craftsmanship. This value can be marked up five, 10, and even 20 times higher than the actual price of the gold. However depending when you bought the item, the value of the item could be worth more than you paid because the price of gold has gone up so much. We pay for the “melt value” of your item – that is, the value of the gold itself after it has sent to the refinery and melted down.

Q. How is the value of my item determined?

A. The price is based on gold content (karet), weight, and the daily price of gold or silver.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum of items that I can bring in?

A. Nothing is too small! Any quantity is welcomed! If you have a doubt, let us tell you how much the item is worth.

Q. Do you buy broken jewelry?

A. If it gold, silver, or platinum, we will pay you for it. We do not care what condition it is in.

Q. Will I have to wait to be paid?

A. Absolutely not, we will first test your items and then pay you on the spot.